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Dream Guides

Image by Artem Beliaikin

Introduction to Dream Guides

We all love to hear good stories.


They amuse us, unite us, distract us and help us make sense of our own lives. Think of the number of people reading books, settling their children down at bedtime, reading fairy tales to them (often being asked to repeat old favourites), of the vast amount of money spent on churning out films and TV series to keep us entertained with dramas, fantasies, sagas, comedies and tragedies.

Dreams, too, are stories. We’ve been fascinated by dreams for thousands of years. Every night we have several dreams. Some people swear they never dream, others only remember fragments and some remember them in great detail.

Your dreams send a cascade of symbols, motifs, images and coded messages to you, messages about your life that are often not available to your conscious mind. Your dreams offer up a vignette of the state of your life as it is right now.

Download my 'Dream Guides'. One guide a general dream interpretation guide, and the other is a Gestalt Guide to Dream Interpretation. Just complete the simple form below to receive your free Dream Guides.

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Nisargadatta Maharaj.png

Wisdom tells me I am nothing

Love tells me I am everything

Between the two my life flows

Nisargadatta Maharaj   |   Hindu Guru Teachings   |   20th Century

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