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Cookie Policy

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Cookie Policy

Cookies are used on my website to help user experience to be easier and more intuitive. The data collected from my cookies is used to provide the best possible experience and service to you.



Cookie Definition


Cookies are small text files sent from the website to the browser where they are stored. The same Cookie is then sent again to the website when the same user visits the website again.


Cookies cannot transmit any other data from the user’s computer, and they cannot transmit computer viruses or obtain email addresses.


Every cookie is unique for each user’s web browser.


Through cookies it is possible to register information about your preferences, such as the pages you have visited or the download of files from the website or other similar actions you may take navigating my website.



First-Party and Third-Party Cookies


First-Party Cookies are developed by the owner of the website. Third-Party Cookies are developed by a third party and not by the owner of the website.


Type of Cookies


Technical Cookies

Technical Cookies are used by first parties to improve the website browsing experience. They are normally installed by the owner or the operator of the website.


They can be split into the following categories:


(1) Essential Cookies

These are essential for the basic and normal operation of the site.


(2) Analytics Cookies

These cookies, assimilated to technical cookies when they are used directly by the owner or the operator of the site, are used to collect anonymous statistics about the number of users and how they interact with the website, in order to improve the performance of the website.


(3) Functional Cookies

Functional cookies allow the user to navigate based on certain criteria they have selected (such as language) in order to improve the service of the website. In order to install these cookies, user consent is not required (read more about this in the paragraph ‘Cookies Management’ below).


Profile Cookies

These are used to create profiles for the user and then direct appropriate advertising messages that match the preferences shown by the user when navigating around the internet.


In order to use these cookies, consent must be given. If Profile Cookies are present on a website, the user can authorise or deny consent to install profile cookies.


In case of Third-Party cookies, the website does not have direct control of each cookie (i.e. to install or cancel them). You can however handle these cookies through your browser or the websites indicated in the section ‘Cookies Management’ below.



Cookies on this Website


These are the Cookies in use on my website...


Essential Cookies

This website uses cookies to guarantee the most efficient experience of the website for the user. These cookies are essential for the normal operation of the website. It is possible to disable these cookies within browser settings, however you will compromise your overall experience on the website.


Google Analytics Cookies

These are the tracking cookies to generate statistics on how the website is used by the user. Google Analytics uses cookies that don’t collect personal data and that allow me to analyse how the user uses my website. To avoid these cookies, the user can download a ‘Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add-On’ from Google.



Length of Time Cookies are Held


Cookies Lifetime

Cookies have a lifetime due to their expiry date set at installation (or by a specific action like closing the browser).



Cookies Management

You can disable the cookies on my website by downloading specific cookie blocking software for your browser or by disabling cookies in the settings of your browser. Alternatively, you can access the internet with Private Browsing mode enabled.



Accepting Cookies


By continuing to use this website, clicking on any part of the page or scrolling down to read further content, you are accepting this Cookie Policy and that cookies will be in use.


If you are not accepting the cookie policy and you are leaving the website any cookies that are locally registered in your browser will remain in your archive. You can delete these cookies at any time using options available through your browser.


Should you have any further questions or concerns related to Cookies used on this website, please Contact Me.

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