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Psychology and the Chakras


Psychology and the Chakras

This workshop is open to members of the public as well as interested professionals.


A wonderful journey through the chakra system first laid down thousands of years ago in the yoga Upanishads ~ direct teachings received from the ancient Indian sages. In this workshop, drawing upon the model formulated by Anodea Judith, we will learn how the chakras have relevance in life today, how they pertain to developmental stages, how the chakras become out of balance, the types of issues this causes and how to diagnose chakra imbalances.


Everybody will leave with their own ‘chakra map’. The follow-up workshop ‘Balancing the Chakras’ goes into more detail on how to work with imbalances in the chakra system.


Price is per person for a 2-day workshop inclusive of course materials.

LEAFLET-Workshop-Psychology and Chakras
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