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Multi Modal CBT

Online Training Course

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Multi Modal CBT

Welcome to my new online training course, Multi Modal Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I continue to offer my conventional training course delivered over three days (see my Workshops page for more information), but have now developed the course into an online/video version.

This Multi Modal CBT Course is easy to use within an integrative approach and delivers an added-value aspect which enables a finely tuned targeting of the presenting issue.

My focus in this course is on teaching interventions and techniques. We will examine thoughts and beliefs and discover how these are connected to emotions, moods, imagery, sensations and behaviour and how to effect change. We will explore the behavioural, sensory, affective, imagery and cognitive modalities, learning how to diagnose and treat the root of the issue. Throughout, we will look at ways of adding a creative dimension to help clients to integrate their learning.

The course is intended for psychotherapists and psychotherapists-in-training, counsellors and student counsellors, life coaches and other interested parties (members of the public).

To access and purchase this online Multi Modal training course, please visit my Vimeo Page or click the button below.

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